Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Name Change for the Blog

With the renewal of this blog after almost four years, I thought a name change would be in order.  I went back to the original name of the blog, pH  Balanced.  My wife came up with the name - a way of finding the balance of my desire to wear and her understanding of it.  I don't know if she will be contributing, but I wanted to get back to basics.

My vision of the blog will still be finding the balance with my love of hosiery.  Along with hosiery, I will also add the other things I like to wear, which is basically anything tight and stretchy including spandex and those full body spandex suits also known as Zentai.

I would like to post reviews and PG-13 pictures of the hosiery and spandex I have in my collection.

The balance will be the three F's:  Fetish, Function, and Fun.  I suppose I could make it four F's and add fashion, but I'm not much for fashion.

Fun is self explanatory.  Fetish is what drives me sexually to enjoy wearing these items.   Function is an added bonus of wearing something that is both fun and a turn on.

I also encourage feedback.  It would be nice to hear from other guys like me or gals that support or have significant others who like wearing hosiery for  fetish, function and fun.

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Jefprov108 said...

Great blog! Just found this on here. Male Avid pantyhose , tights, nylon wearer myself in nearby RI. You have awesome photos posted! Always looking for friends who are fellow hose/tights enthusiasts.