Saturday, February 14, 2015

Body Aware Bodysuit

I had  been looking on eBay for a whie for some new fetishwear.  I had a price range, around $20 - I don't want to break the bank buying clothing for just my fetish and artistic purposes.  Artistic?  Yes, I think it is an art form taking self portraits of myself in various articles of clothing that I like that are kinda "fetishy".

I love the Zenai body suits, but dislike the closed head / face.  The gloved hands can be cool, but suck for taking self portraits with a cell phone. (touch screen and gloved hand)

When I found this Body Aware suit with no head or hands on clearance for $15, I was psyched.  It also has (but you won't see) a penis sleeve!

I ordered it knowing that it was mostly cotton, not my favorite material, but for the price it was worth the gamble.  As you can see, the suit fits great!  It is definitely fun to wear, and well, of course it fits the fetish - tight, stretchy.  The suit however, will fit no functionality.

I can sewe why Body Aware discontinued these.  I seem to remember seeing them for about $30 - $40, so me getting it for $20 with shipping to have some fun and take some pictures with was a great find.

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