Sunday, January 18, 2009

As Mr PH pointed out last night, we have had visitors from all over the world. He asked me if I was going to mention any of the locations. I won't. I'm wearing my Human Resources hat and am not going to do that, out of respect for the privacy of our readers. No one needs to know that except the reader and ourselves. It's really interesting to me to see where people are coming from and wondering what their weather is like, especially on cold snowy days like today. Seems like we've had a lot of them lately!

I really would like to hear from you guys and your spouses, ones that are comfortable talking about it. Or even ones that might not feel comfortable and want an outlet. I needed one, which is why I agreed to start the blog collaboration with Mr PH.


Anonymous said...

Here on the wet side of Washington state the Christmas snow has all melted but the temp is only up to 32°F and a damp fog. Lands End tights, Welovecolors fishnets, JCPenny tights and a pair of light weight leggings, (wow, 4 layers?) was just about right for my morning bike ride. The fishnets really work well to trap some warm air, as long as there is a wind block layer over them.

smooth01 said...

The wind and rain stopped in Anchorage and warmed up to the high 40's. I worked on my stone wall project while wearing sheer hose under tights, topped off by coveralls and a Carhartt jacket. For the most part, this is standard attire when working outside. My day job is in an office so I wear PH under slacks or jeans. Been wearing PH for about three years or so.

PH Balanced said...

Thanks all for posting! I've still been wearing my Comfilon 849 tights with a fly, the most durable mens tights there are!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late with my answer (unfortunately, I usually have only a little spare time to navigate in the Internet).

Winters in Rome are mildly cold: the temp hardly goes under 32F in the coldest nights, and we have 50F and over during the day. My job is in a office like smooth01's one, so I wear sheer pantyhose under jeans, or tights when it's more cold. At home I wear ph under an old tracksuit, or a pyjama.