Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Was it the tights?

Along with wearing pantyhose, I do have other interests. I began running years ago, to stay in shape. From running I transitioned to bicycling, but it is tough to cycle in the winter where we live. That left the months of November to March with me cycling inside. I transitioned back to running, and that helped me keep my sanity through out the winter months. It is easier to run outside in the winter than to cycle.

I don't mind exercising just to exercise, but it is easier if you have a goal. I entered a few long distance races last year, fully knowing that I wouldn't win, but just for bragging rights. This year is no different. Today, I went on a long run. The last time I went on a long run, I found my legs sore after, something that I did not experience last year. Today when I went out for my long run, I tried something different. I had been wearing regular cheap Leggs pantyhose under my sweat pants. Today, I wore the Comfilon A879 Full support footless tights. I ran two miles longer than my last long run, and my legs were not as sore. Was it the full support tights? Or, was it because I was doping, ( I took 2 Advil 3/4 of the way through it) I don't know, but I feel great!

One of the LAUF posters posted an interesting article today.


Have you ever bought pantyhose in a department store, and thought you were being sly, and the cashier would not know that they were for you? According to this article, cashiers are used to men buying pantyhose, and are aware that they are usually for the men buying them. Interesting..

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Anonymous said...

I usually buy hose in small shops, and I always say to the storekeeper or the salesclerk who serves me I'm buying them for me.

The first times it was a little bit embarrassing, but now I'm confident enough to enter a shop, ask for a pair of pantyhose and even let the salesclerk give me some advices on colors or thickness, as if I was buying any other "more common" male garment.

I think it's a good way to make people aware that there are men who are interested in that kind of item, and to let them know that is for fashion and/or for warmth, and not for fetish.

PS: Keep up the good work you're doing with your blog!

Greetings from Italy,

PH Balanced said...

Thanks for the comment! Is there a Mrs. Visone in the picture? If so, we'd love to hear from her too.

Mr. PH

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mrs. Visone is my lovely wife since 2002 :), but she's not so supportive of my desire of wearing hose.

She's very tolerant, so she never says a word about it, even if I put on hose in front of her or if I go out with her wearing hose under jeans with no socks.

But I know she doesn't like it very much... she's not the kind of woman who would buy a pair of hose for her husband, so I don't think she would like to partecipate to a blog or a forum, I'm sorry...

BTW: "visone" is the italian for "mink", and it's the name used by italian hosiery companies to define a shade of color (it's a medium brown... like tan, perhaps).


Mrs PH said...

Hey Mr Visone- while I'm somewhat accepting bordering closely to tolerant, I can say with great certainty that I'm not going to be buying for my husband either! I can also say with equal certainty that I would not be at all supportive if my husband wanted to wear in public with say, shorts. And wanted me to be with him. I'm not there yet, in this journey of trying to understand. I bet your wife and I have more in common in that aspect than you think.

Anonymous said...

Mrs PH, you're right, you and my wife have much in common (I'm sure my spouse too doesn't want to see me in hose and shorts outside the house).

Anyway I think she doesn't like to write on a forum about her husband's passion for pantyhose, because it's a "private" thing for her (and this is the reason why I use a nickname, and I've never told her I use to partecipate to forums and blogs about men and hose).

I hope you comprehend...


Mrs PH said...

I respect that Mr Visone. If at any time things change, send her this way, I'll be here.