Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Someone stole my idea!

I had an idea, to get into the hosiery industry. the New Doyeah hose and tights come in only two styles, and only one size. I thought that I could buy a bunch of those hose, and re-sell them on ebay. Well someone beat me to it:


These Chinese hose are also being carried by:

In reality, getting into the hose business, for me, would probably be more work than it is worth. It was kinda a neat idea though.

How about a laugh for today, re-posted from LAUF. I'm surprised it didn't get squashed because it is about cross dressing.


Visone said...

Well, it's just my opinion, but I don't think two styles is enough for everyone. For example, in winter a 10 denier pantyhose is too light for me, but a 80 denier one is too thick.

I usually wear 40-50 microfibre tights in the coldest days, and 20 sheer pantyhose when it's a little warmer.

Anyway, I hope that male pantyhose sales will grow in the future.


bozeman1941 said...

'Well someone beat me to it:' Yeah - and they even stole the text from my web site to describe the item! Wait till I get my hands on them!

But seriously, I would't recommend getting into this game now - not unless you can sink a lot of money into the business and wait many years before you get any return on your investment. I've been doing this for five years, and only now has it reached the point where I don't have to keep throwing money at it. And as for making any return on it, ask me again in another five years!


bozeman1941 said...

Hi Visone,

You have made a very common error, in equating denier with thickness; denier is a measure of the weight of a yarn, not it's thickness - the 80 denier 0858's are not that much thicker than the 0838's, but they are a little warmer. Also microfibres tend to be warmer than monofilament fabrics; but basically, there is a great deal more to the warmth, opacity or thickness of tights than the denier weight.