Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Responding to our first comment

In regards to the last comment about telling your spouse: All I can suggest is to tell your significant other sooner, rather than later. Now that doesn't mean on the first date, but some time early in the relationship. As far as Mrs. PH and I go, we were married for about eight years when I told her. I wanted to tell her many times earlier, but was afraid to. In all fairness, my love for wearing pantyhose grew, as time went on. When we first met, and started dating, I was not into wearing hose. It had been a passing fad, something I would do when masterbating from time to time. Occasionally, I'd get rid of any hose I had, and not do it for a long time. Once we were married, we got the internet, something I didn't have prior to being married. There I began to explore things, and one of them was pantyhose wearing by men. I was very surprised that I was not the only one who wore them! This probably encouraged me, to explore wearing again, and this is when I should have told Mrs. PH. Instead, like lots of men who wear, I hid it. It finaly came up in a discussion about pornography that Mrs. PH found. I then told her that I liked to wear pantyhose. she was shocked. I can only say, that if I had to do it again, I would have told her way earlier.

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