Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So I was wondering what to write today

I wanted to write something today, as I have a little more time than usual this morning. I was messing around on the computer at the LAUF site when I thought, why not try to start up a forum where we, the writers and readers of this Blog can discuss men wearing pantyhose or other hoisery, and our wifes feelings towards this. I shortly there after came up with, ta da!


A new forum on Delphi, that we can discuss men wearing pantyhose, and all that goes along with it without fear that if we bring up the "F" word (fetish) we will be chastised. I look forward to hearing form the readers in the forum, and hope that the forum will serve as an extension of this blog, and a place for the open discussion of wearing pantyhose and a place for our spouses to be able to respond as well.


sheergeek said...


I have added a link to your new delphi forum on my blog: sheergeek.blogspot.com - you can find the link in the left hand column.

I am not a member of delphi, so I don't actively participate in the forums there. However, I do drop by from time to time to keep up with what is happening in the world of legwear for men.

Mr. PH said...

Could you link our blog to yours? The forum hasn't had as much activity as this blog has!

sheergeek said...

Consider it done!