Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mr. PH respnds

Yes there is a sexual conitation to pantyhose with me. I have found other non-sexual ways to enjoy panthose, as is discussed in the LAUF Forum at Delphi, or is that just me becoming more comfortable with myself and my desires. Years ao, I would wear pantyhose to masterbate, and after I was done I'd take the hose off right away, and feel guilty about it. I don't feel guilty about it any more, and I wish I shared my desire to wear with my wife much earlier.

Is hose wearing a fetish? According to Wikipedia it is.

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Nari said...

Hi, I have been looking for something somewhere in the middle (as mentioned in a previous post) between total sexual fetish and having a wearing history of no sexual involvment at all.
I used to wear (as you did) only for sexual reasons. However I no longer wear for those reasons, and no longer engage in those activities. I wear in public, I wear for the enjoyment of the fabric against my legs, and for support from sore legs. However, I sometimes have echo's from the past and think it would be good to have a support group for men who used to have a fetish or men who are not happy with it being a fetish and want to wear for non sexual reasons. Men like me could show them that it is possible to do that. Anyway, maybe I am a little off topic here, if so I apologize.
Back on topic, my wife of 13 yrs knows that I wear since we were dating and is ok with it. She has found it a little difficult to get used to me wearing in public, but I has done so out of her love for me. She doesn't understand what I see in wearing hose, but accepts it as just me. She herself doesn't care much for wearing pantyhose. Anyway I hope I have contributed to this great blog.