Saturday, January 24, 2009

One warm day..

Followed by cold. Warm, was relative. It was in the upper 30's. I wore my Comfilon A677's. They are not tights, but sheer pantyhose, of course with a fly. Comfilon came out with these in the fall, and so far I'm pleased. They offer more support than the 549's that I am used to. they also appear, after about a half a dozen wearings, to be more durable. I think, because of the durability, they will become my new favorites. I like to wear the Comflion tights when it is cooler, and the pantyhose when it is a little warmer, say in the fall and early spring. It is too hot for pantyhose under my work clothing in the late spring, summer and fall. This past summer, I switched to sheer knee high stockings form Comfilon, and couldn't have been happier. More in a later post.

I stumbled upon this story while reading another blog about pantyhose:

Apparently I'm not alone in wearing pantyhose to keep warm!! I, however, only wear one pair.

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