Friday, January 16, 2009

Too cold for hoisery tonight

Brrr!!! It is cold out! I worked last night, and it was about 2 degrees when I left home. When I got out of work early this morning ( I sometimes work overnights) it was 18 below zero!! I wore Comflion 849 tights last night. I was only outside for a short time, and the tights were not cutting it. Tonight it is supposed to be just as cold (1 degree as I write), so tonight I'm wearing Under Armour Cold Gear leggings. Similar to tights, but no feet. I like wearing under armour, it is my underwear of choice when I' not wearing hosiery.

No go on male pantyhose being featured on Oprah today. Yesterday's plane crash postponed that. Hopefully she will have the story on in the future. I look forward to it, and hope that male hosiery is portrayed in a positive manner.

I hope that by my writing this blog I too can do my part to promote male hosiery. I like my job, but I would't mind doing something for or in the male hosiery industry. I feel that strongly about it.

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Mrs PH said...

I know many are disappointed because of the change in programming today. I do hope the segment is aired in the near future.

That said, may the Universe and all it holds bless Chesley Sullenberger. The world is a better place because of him.