Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well as Mrs. PH suggested, I put on my Comfilons, style 549 (I'll discuss those in a future post) and sat down to watch SNL. The skit was on early, and it was a spoof of the Today show from earlier last week when Kathy Lee and Hoda discussed "mantyhose". It was more of a spoof on Kathy and Hoda's characters than the hose. It could have been a whole lot funnier, and it could have been a whole lot more negative towards men who wear, but it wasn't.

That is all for now. I have to get outside and start claening up the snow we got last night. I swear, the only thing that I like about winter is that I can wear pantyhose/tights under my regular clothing for extra warmth.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I read about your blog on LAUF forum. I'm a straight, married man from Italy and I like wearing hose for warmth and for the look/feeling.
My spouse is tolerant with my desire to wear, but she doesn't like too much to see me in hose (but this is ok for me since I can wear anytime at home with shorts or pants).

I saw the video from "Today show" when Kathy Lee and Hoda discussed the "mantyhose". Well, I agree with you when you say that it could have been worse than it was, but at least once I'd like to see a serious and constructive debate about men and pantyhose.

Could my hope come true one day?

(PS: Sorry for my scholastic english...)

PH Balanced said...

Welcome to our blog, it is great to hear from new readers, especially half way around the world! Keep reading, and of course, keep commenting!

Mr. PH