Monday, January 12, 2009

Nice to see new readers

It is always nice to see new readers, and thanks to all who voted in the poll. Come on folks, don't be afraid to comment. Mrs. PH and I love the feedback.

I'm sitting here "blogging" in Comfilon 849's, a staple of my hoisery wardrobe. Although I prefer more sheer hoisery, the 849's are warm, which is good for wearing under my regular wardrobe in the winter for extra warmth. They are a little more expensive, at $17.99 each in US dollars, but they last much longer than any other brand. They are opaque, and would work well for someone who is concerned about wearing in public under pants, because they would look like regular socks. I have on occasion also worn them under shorts for running or biking in cooler weather, and they look just like any other athletic tights. Oh, and most important (to me) they have a fly. I couldn't give a pair of men's hoisery a higher rating. Bravo Comfilon!

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Anonymous said...

It bothers me to see husband in nylons. How do other women feel?