Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mrs. PH deserves props!

Even though the story, on Drudge Retort, ended up being a piece making fun of guys who wear pantyhose, Mrs. PH deserves much props for finding the story. For me, just her interest in the subject matter alone makes me very happy. I truly enjoy talking to her about pantyhose, because I enjoy pantyhose so much. When I first saw her post, I also commented about there supposing to be a skit on Saturday Night Live tonight regarding men's pantyhose. (This was posted on LAUF by pantyhose god, Steve Katz of Comfilon) She asked if I was going to be wearing my "527's" while I watched. I'm impressed that she almost got the numbers right! No, I said, it's 549's I'll be wearing, and watching along with you! We'll see how they make fun of us who like to wear. No worries, I can laugh at myself!

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