Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy Shit Batman, over 500 views!

Can I say shit? It's our blog, I'll say what I want!! Thank you to all who have been reading our blog. I would encourage you to respond with your opinions, personal stories, and especially for Mrs.PH feedback from spouses and significant others of men who enjoy wearing hosiery.

Mrs. PH can probably tell you better, but we've had readers from all over the world. I hope we are providing at least some good information to someone.

I check a few men's pantyhose websites daily. I've been following

In it the owner of Legwear4Men stated that he just started carrying the Doyeah pantyhose, a new Chinese brand, and they are selling like hot cakes. I want to get some to try them out. The one thing I like is that they are a bit cheaper than other men's pantyhose, just over $10 each. I will probably buy some within the next couple of weeks, and I will be certain to post my personal review of them here. Of course they have what I require for men's hose, a fly!

Until next time guys, stay hosed and happy!

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