Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What I'm wearing today

I decided to try to post a picture, and apparently it worked! The picture is thanks to, a Canadian Hiosery company, who caries mens pantyhose/tights. Today, it is cold, only 14 degrees as I write. I had to go to work for a couple of hours, and I knew that I wouldn't be outside much, just from the car to the building etc. I decided today, since I haven't worn them for a while, to wear a pair of Activeman, from Lida a Polish company. As you can see, Lida decided to try to be "stealthy" and make a more opaque sock portion. To the casual observer, it may appear as if you were wearing dress socks. No one saw my ankles today, because I was wearing boots, but it had been a while since I've worn these hose. You can also see that they have a more shher portion from the top of the sock portion to the bottom of the brief portion. Most importantly, they have a fly. This is almost a requirement for me. The fly is a "Y" fly like on "tighty whities" The brief is also opaque enough to hide the goods. I like the concept, but don't wear them too much. Since they are not too heavy, it needs to be a bit warmer than today for me to wear them. The pair I have I have had for a couple of years, and although I haven't worn them much, they have worn well. They sell for $17.39 at (Canada), and $12.24 at (UK)

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